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Coast to Coast Blog Part 1


The summer of 2019 has brought me to some incredible places. I earned a spot at ICAST in Orlando Florida with Shimano North America, and early July I headed down to the land of humidity, big fish, and amazing people.

The experiences I had in Florida will not soon leave me. I made fishing plans with some of my friends here in the Pacific Northwest to do a little bit of fishing while we were all in the same place across the country. My friends from the Gerber Gear team set up a fishing trip with one of the captains on our Shimano team. Since I partner with both companies, I thought it an excellent excuse to go and scare a fish or two. As soon as I Cast is over, we would make a two-hour trek to West Palm Beach and begin our fishing excursion with Peacock Bass. Before I dive into that, a little bit about some awesome Shimano reels at I Cast.


Outdoor people are simply sickly people. Fishermen have their arms in a cast, and hunters always have buck fever. I can add a new ailment to my list of preexisting conditions, the bird flu. Two years ago, my good friends Eric, Bryan, Boardman, and another known as ‘young air force’ took me duck hunting. What they exposed me to that day changed my very idea of fun stuff to do outside.


For three hours we waited in line for the gate to open. The trout opening day in 2017 began with North Lake’s gatekeeper oversleeping, and late to let eager anglers launch their boats. More than forty vehicles waited in line as daylight approached, unable to move. Sound miserable? It was anything but! Although fishing should never be taken too seriously, still I focus a bit too much on the details. Trout is a completely different situation. It is easy to take less seriously for a few reasons. First, you are going to have success in a stocked lake even if you fish with a toaster. Second, you won't come upon the fish of a lifetime in a stocked lake. Not impossible, but not likely.

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year…. From the perspective of the passionate men and women of the outdoors I am clearly talking about Steelhead Season! With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving quickly approaching now is the time to grab your warmest coat, head out to the fishing garage, and let the preparations commence. As a fishing guide, the most successful days on the water are a result of careful preparation and planning. To me, catching trophy steelhead and staying close to where they are doesn’t come by accident (every now and then we all get lucky!). From proper attire, to gear, to technique, here is everything you need to know about being prepared and ready to make the most of your steelhead season.

In the Pacific Northwest, summer time brings the best of our country to light.  In the fall and winter, most of outdoor sporting happens for those of us who chase salmon, steelhead, and hunt big game. As a guide, the summertime is more or less my “downtime” where I pursue other interests, and wait for the first rains of September to return to the river.

In the last 30 days, I have been reminded once again of how truly incredible the Pacific Northwest is. From the endless opportunities once you step outside, to the incredible men and women that carry on the heritage of outdoor sportsman life, there is much to fill our lives with the things that make us feel, well, full.

Guiding two private rivers on the Olympic Peninsula has been a great privilege to me, and it’s pretty difficult to pull me away from my home waters. As is the case with many of us that are fortunate to have some body of water close to us that we know inside and out. However, with my season slowing for the summer and a well-deserved break from school, I decided I would do a bit of exploring in my own way. My own way meaning I try never to limit myself when it comes to experiences, and I will try new things. I am not a fly fisherwoman, spey fisherwoman, terminal tackle fisherwoman, nor a centerpin fisherwoman. I am a fisher woman and enjoy all parts of fishing, whether I am proficient at the skill or not.

Destination: The Olympic Peninsula Gear/Technique: Single Hand 5 wt, Casting Rod with Spinners

Before I trek to new waters, I decided to start this 30 of summer on my home rivers, the Quinault and Queets rivers. I guide these rivers much of the year and wanted to see what is swimming in the post snow melt flows of the two rivers.

As long as I have been chasing fish, I have always been a fresh water angler. In the great Pacific Northwest, we count our fortunes by counting fish entering the river. I genuinely have never had much of a desire to go anywhere else! Home has always treated me well. I met Kiley, my boyfriend, two years ago and knew fishing horizons would be opened. Tuna fishing has captured me the way Steelheading set its hooks into me.

I’m happy to say it again, a life of salmon and steelheading is a darn good life. Exploring further than you have before to find new fishing grounds, trying every cure and color under the sun to trick your prize is a skill engrained in us.  Even if you are new to salmon/steelheading, the days on the water among our evergreen home is nothing short of memorable.  

Tuna fishing let me be new at something, and go further than I had before again. That is an experience I hope you give yourself too. 


I am a woman working in a non-tradition field as a fishing guide and ambassador of the great outdoors.  I take people fishing, give people a memorable experience in the outdoors, and share my adventures as well as teach through social media.

There are lots of blogs about the details of fishing, like different techniques and types of gear. As a girl who has been taken fishing by my significant other, as well as taken my significant other on trips- there are some lessons I’ve learned along that way that can impact your day just as much as the right rod, reel, or technique can.

Having a great fishing trip with your partner, is a skill to build too. There is nothing better than sharing a day doing your favorite activity outside with the one you love, and creating memories. On my guided fishing trips, I hear so often “I wish my wife or girlfriend would go with me” On social media, people comment on photos of my significant other and me and mention they wish they could have fun fishing days with their partner.

I have a lot of respect for companies that put forth effort to support the amazing ladies of the outdoors. Lord knows that in a male dominated outdoor industry, we can certainly take all the recognition we can get!  This week, Sportsman Warehouse is shutting down every store on April 6th between 6-8pm, and celebrating ladies. When Gabe Boline of the Kelso Sportsman Warehouse reached out to me to headline their night, I couldn’t say YES fast enough!  I mean hello, let’s talk about my favorite things with women who are out there too WITH a glass of wine in hand. (Can we have lady’s night every weekend?)

Not only am I excited to hang out with the ladies, but OF COURSE I have GIVEAWAYS of my own.  The team at G Loomis/Shimano heard about this, and of course were on board to support it.  Compliments of G Loomis, the first twenty ladies get a free hat (the one in the photohttps://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f6c/1/16/2764.pnghttps://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f6c/1/16/2764.png❤)



The hat fits my head, the underside of the bill is pink, and I LOVE this style


Along with this give away, Jim Reed from Reeds Rod Wraps sent me a pile of rod wraps to give away!

ESPN Seattle 710AM - Outdoor Line Interview - Hunting & Fishing Talk Radio

Source: http://kiroradio.com/listen/10009386/

Sometimes it’s best to hear the facts from the experts. These guides are doing just that. 

While everyone’s focus is on Astoria’s Buoy 10 fishery in August, some are planning ahead for guiding their clients on their home waters in more familiar areas.

If you’re unsure about hiring help to put you on fish, here’s a little motivation.

If you’ve ever looked into hiring someone that helps people have successful fishing trips for a living, you’ve probably weighed whether or not it’s worth the money. Catching is not always a guarantee, but the pros far outweigh the cons when you break it down into terms of what you’re paying for. Here are some legitimate reasons why hooking up with a guide will more than likely lead to hooking up with more fish.

If you can’t make it to the water, perhaps these notable quotes about fishing will help you get through the day.

Fishing is a lot of things to a lot of people, but it’s often a difficult thing to put into words that others can understand.

The benefits of being near the water or simply being outdoors have been proven as an effective form of therapy, often leaving us without thought, and at times, at a lack for words. It’s hard to explain, but here are some notable figures that have attempted to do so…

FISHING -- Nearly 50 new sportfishing rules, including a requirement that anglers release all wild steelhead they catch on several streams on the Olympic Peninsula, were adopted by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission during its Dec. 11-12 in Port Townsend.

Combining a passion for people with fishing and cosmetology

By Heather DeRosa

Job titles such as hair stylist and fishing guide are in career fields that don’t go together.

But don’t tell that to Puyallup resident Ashley Nichole Lewis — her two passions are more similar than one can imagine.

Tribal fishing guide Ashley Nichole Lewis proves ‘girlyness and bad-ass angling skills are not mutually exclusive.’

By Jeff Holmes

Last December’s annual Real Women of Northwest Fishing feature motivated me to do a better job in my own writing of shining the spotlight on the growing numbers of women who love to fish and who find joy plying waters across the Northwest, whether it be on an Eastern Washington brook trout lake, an Oregon Coast creek, an Idaho pike and bass lake, or Buoy 10. From occasional weekend anglers, to diehard female fishing guides, to women who tie their own “everything” and love all things fishing, there’s a wide spectrum of female anglers who deserve more attention – and the right kind.


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