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For three hours we waited in line for the gate to open. The trout opening day in 2017 began with North Lake’s gatekeeper oversleeping, and late to let eager anglers launch their boats. More than forty vehicles waited in line as daylight approached, unable to move. Sound miserable? It was anything but! Although fishing should never be taken too seriously, still I focus a bit too much on the details. Trout is a completely different situation. It is easy to take less seriously for a few reasons. First, you are going to have success in a stocked lake even if you fish with a toaster. Second, you won't come upon the fish of a lifetime in a stocked lake. Not impossible, but not likely.

Trout fishing is Zen, and even waiting hours in the cab for the gate to open couldn’t ruin that. With a full box of Legendary Doughnuts, we spent the first light of morning talking with dozens of folks outside of their trucks. We simply talked with other happy excited fishermen. Once the gates opened, boats launched, fish were caught, jokes were made, and a good ole fashion all-American time was had.

As we prepare for the opening day coming up in a few weeks, this is a great time to work out the kinks in your own fishing program by going out now. Opening day is in a few weeks, but plenty of lakes are CURRENTLY stocked, and trout are happy and snappy. They will be hanging out around the surface since they were just stocked. Trout prep is a synch, but here’s some information on stocking to help guide you!

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