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If you’re unsure about hiring help to put you on fish, here’s a little motivation.

If you’ve ever looked into hiring someone that helps people have successful fishing trips for a living, you’ve probably weighed whether or not it’s worth the money. Catching is not always a guarantee, but the pros far outweigh the cons when you break it down into terms of what you’re paying for. Here are some legitimate reasons why hooking up with a guide will more than likely lead to hooking up with more fish.


1. Fishing with a guide will speed up your learning curve

Do you ever have thoughts that race through your mind when you aren’t getting a bite? Maybe you’re overthinking it. One day with a guide can put you a year ahead of the game.

When you consider the amount of money spent on skunk days and developing your skills being self-taught, it’s probably cheaper to just have someone take you to school and put on a clinic. Take notes and ask questions; most guides expect you to want to learn from them, and are more than willing to share their knowledge.


2. You don’t need to bring your own gear

Guides and charters normally provide their clients with gear. This not only means rods and reels, but quality equipment, line, tackle, bait, etc. that will increase your chances of success.

Most guides are part of programs where they receive higher quality gear at a lesser price. You’ll get to try that gear out for yourself before making another investment. Not to mention if you lose a lure or something breaks, you’re not obligated to replace it.


3. You don’t need to bring your own boat

Take into consideration the initial cost of purchasing a boat, having a place to store it, keeping it clean and the motor running in good condition. Gas, oil, trailer lights, wheels, and tires, fish finders, rod holders, oars, the list goes on.

Boats require a lot of upkeep, and if you’re not using them everyday like a guide does, you’re probably not getting your money’s worth out of it anyway.


4. Go for the adventure & share the experience

My mother and I after a day with Hammer Down Guide Service. Her first time fishing in 20 years and got a limit.

Take your family and take your friends. Introduce someone to fishing by pairing them with someone who successfully puts people on fish for a living.

There’s very little that is more rewarding than having a positive experience, especially if you’re sharing it with other people on the boat. Booking a trip with a guide is a lot different than fishing with your buddies. Guides have the patience to deal with the difficulties that annoy even your closest friends.


5. To learn new water

This could mean learning how to read unfamiliar lakes, rivers, structure, even the many varieties of endless fisheries there are to explore. Beyond learning tackle and technique, knowing what boulders to fish behind, where the drop offs are, how to not just fish water, but navigate it safely, are all characteristics of fisheries that guides have dedicated day after day discovering.


6. Lower the pressure

Take the pressure of catching fish off yourself and put it onto the guide. Kick back and let somebody else take care of the rigging and bait. Take a day off from being in control of your fishing situation and trust a guide to make your trip successful.


7. Generate business and build a relationship with your guide

You are investing in more than just a day of fishing, but improving your learning curve, having faith in your gear, boat, experience, knowledge of the water, and feeling content putting the pressure and your own safety into the hands of a professional guide.


Much like fishing with your buddies, each guide has their own personality. You may not get it right the first time, but once you’ve dialed in the right guide that you mesh with, you’ll know where to start if you decide to go again.


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