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Do you book singles?

I do not take trips for singles unless you'd like to pay for two seats. Two people is the minimum booking allowed.


OTC Deep Canyon Challenge: A Yellow-tailed Hero

OTC Deep Canyon Challenge: A Yellow Tailed Hero

A sense of purpose is the feeling felt when helping people and individual talent is combined. The Oregon Tuna Classic has a long-standing record of taking the talent and passion of many individuals, and their desire to do good for our fellow man, and turning that into an event many look forward to every year. Del Stephens, chairman of the OTC, addressed the tournament members with a message that could be summed up as we can’t help everyone, but we can all help someone. Immediately after, Navy Petty Officer 1st class Generald Wilson sang the National Anthem (if you’ve watched a superbowl, you’ve seen him sing it too). The Oregon Tuna Classic since 2005, has donated over 1,000,000 pounds of food to the Oregon food bank. Ilwaco, Washington is the location of the OTC- Deep Canyon Challenge. This is a competition of who can get the five largest albacore tuna, and includes a few side pots such as largest fish and pelagic fish.

Where should I stay the night before our trip?
I recommend the Quinault River Inn, in Amanda Park! Their phone number is +1 (360) 288-2237.
What kind of boat are we fishing from?

We will be fishing from an 18' ClackaMax driftboat. Warning, my clients have nicknamed the boat the Clack-a-Lazy-Boy.

How do bathroom break works?
We are in the wild Olympic peninsula, and there are no actual bathrooms on our rivers nor the boat launches. Just let me know when you are ready for a break, and I will stop at a good location for potty breaks. I bring tp, but you are welcome to as well. I usually joke that second tree on the left is boys, and right is girls. :) 
Can I catch and release fish?
Can I bring marijuana on my trip?
Per tribal regulation marijuana is not allowed.
What happens if no fish are caught? Do I get a refund?
Trust me on this one, I want to see everyone catch fish! If conditions do not seem likely for fish to be caught, I will request that we move or cancel the trip. If the party would like to fish anyway, I will work my absolute hardest to make sure we get our fish. Catching fish is never a guarantee, and I do not offer refunds if no fish are caught. What I do guarantee, is that I will do everything I can to catch fish. I also guarantee that the day will be a blast, and I will give my 200% to your day.
How does tipping work?
Tipping is greatly appreciated! As far as how much? That is certainly up to you. In general, 20% for good service, more or less depending on how you felt your service was.
Are you going to fillet and package my fish for me?
After the trip is done I will gut and gill the days catch. For further packaging of fish, I do charge a fee. Each situation is unique, let me know PRIOR to the trip, and I can offer packaging to you! Email me here.
Do I need to be experienced?
Not at all! Every level of experience is welcome and accommodated. Please let me know what kind of experience you have, so that I can best serve you on our trip!
How many fish can we keep?
This very much depends on the river, and season. I will regularly post regulations, and will abide to all policy and regulations 100%!
How long is the trip?

I fish daylight until around 2-3pm, generally. That being said, there are times when I am at my take out area a few minutes after that. If you don’t want to start fishing until 10am, or are in a time crunch, just let me know! I am happy to accommodate your day.

What happens with the fish’s eggs?
When you catch a fish, the fish and its eggs are yours! However, if you do not want your eggs, I will certainly make good use of them! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.
What methods do you fish?
I offer too many techniques/types to list them all here. I offer fly fishing, spey fishing, center pin fishing, and terminal gear fishing - and many varieties of techniques within each category. Want to know about something specific? Just email me here.
Do you offer a military/vet discount?
Absolutely. 15% off of your per day price. Contact me for a special veterans coupon. 
Thank you for your service!
Is lunch provided?
If you booked a boat trip, YES! I will be cooking lunch, just make sure to bring the drinks/snacks you like. If you are walking in, remember to bring your own lunch/snacks/beverages with you.
I am bringing my own gear. What should I bring?
This very much depends on the season you are fishing, and which river you are fishing with me. Please connect with me directly on this one!
What should I bring with me on my trip?
Depending on the time of year, dress warmly!  I recommend good base layers, wool socks, a warm coat and good rain gear.  Generally, cotton isn’t a good choice, and doesn’t hold up well in the rainforest. Waders are a must for walk in trips. Make sure to bring a cooler with you for transporting your catch home.
What kind of gear is provided?

I use G Loomis rods and Shimano reels. I also use PowerPro braided line, Maxima monofilament and Gamakatsu hooks. All rods, gear and bait is provided for you.


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