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Bad Ash Blend

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You won’t miss a steelhead bite due to bait when you have the best egg curing technology available! Our BAD ASH BLEND is highly attractive to fish and easy to use.

Your fishing trip won’t be limited to typical colors and fickle cures.

Not only is this formula perfectly balanced, this cure provides highly consistent results ensuring you are fishing with the highest quality egg possible. The blend creates a unique color and is tested by professionals in Pacific Northwest and Alaska steelhead, the SALMON blend is also available.

Each bottle has 20.5 oz of Bad Ash Blend!

Important Features:

  • Unique color blend so your bait will stand out any other cure on the market
  • Consistent curing results that make curing easy

Hear what Zillabait had to say about the blend:

"We have some pretty darn respectable folks that have nothing but absolute love for the blend. They obviously had the same success as we did in testing.
One report said he boated 50 +\- Steelhead in three days on the Oregon Coast which was about 5-1 over others not using Zilla and his fish on Bad Ash vs another blend was 3-1. It’s MAGIC!"