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Bad Ash Fishing offers guided fishing trips on the Quinault and Queets river for Salmon and Steelhead. Ashley operates out of a 19' Alumaweld Freedrifter and a NRS pontoon raft outfitted with G Loomis rods and Shimano Reels. She can accommodate up to three angers at a time, and can fish conventional or fly trips. In addition to trips on the Quinault and Queets river, Ashley also guides on the Salmon River and Cook Creek when water allows for those opportunities. Pricing depends availability and is charged per angler per day and varies for boat trips, trips, and walk in trip (depending on how much gear is needed). Due to tribal regulation, the maximum amount of anglers is 3 per trip. Check the calendar here and reserve your spot.


About Your Guide

Ashley Nichole Lewis grew up as a lover of the outdoors. She was born and raised in Grays Harbor Country, but lived in the Olympic Peninsula. Ashley Nichole has been a fishing guide since 2012, and takes her clients on world class tours, fishing the Quinault River and Queets River. Ashley is a proud member of the Quinault Indian Nation, and enjoys fishing private waters that are closed to all except for tribal members and their guests.

 Ashley credits many to helping her develop her love of fishing, but got her first Quinault experience when her Uncle Robbin Rhoades took her on the Quinault River. Since that day, Ashley spent every opportunity she could returning to the peninsula to explore. If you were to ask Ashley what the Olympic Peninsula means to her, she would say “My first grasp of identity, was when I came to know the Olympic Peninsula. Maybe it is silly to think of a piece of land that way, but it’s the same rivers, beaches and forests my ancestors walked before me. That sense of belonging has never left me.” 

Ashley ran her first guided trip as a donation to a local charity.  Though at that time she never intended on having a full-time business, from the success of that trip and by word of mouth, demand for fishing trips continued to come her way. Today Ashley offers Jet Sled tours, scenic raft tours, and hiking fishing trips all through the Quinault Indian Reservation. 

Before being a guide, Ashley contributed almost ten years to Starbucks Coffee Company, as a business leader. As a younger person with a good career that she loved, the call to do something that enriched her life more so was too strong. Ashley loves catching fish, but her best days of fishing are days spent sharing her experience and love of fishing with someone else. She often jokes that she isn’t a fishing guide, because she has never guided a single fish, but she has guided lots of people to fish. Known best for her enthusiasm, patience, and passion, you can be certain a day on the river with Ashley is going to be exciting and full of adventure. 


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