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Whether we are hiking the upper peninsula rivers or floating the lower sections to the ocean, this fishing trip is crafted to ensure your experience is world-class. She can accommodate up to three anglers at a time and can fish conventional or fly/spey trips. In addition to trips on the Quinault and Queets river, Ashley also guides on the Salmon River when water allows for those opportunities.  Due to tribal regulation, the maximum amount of anglers is 3 per trip. Check the calendar here and reserve your spot.


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You may be considering a fishing trip together and want to learn a little bit more about me. You can probably guess that I grew up as an outside type of kid. Over the years the love of the outdoors grew into a business, and I get to share that with the folks that come fishing with me. Instead of telling you about my fishing history, I’d rather share the lessons I have learned as a fishing guide and how I plan to use that in the future. These two carry the most weight-

  1. Time is short – I am not talking about Pacific Northwest daylight, I mean the time spent together with your friends and family.  When my clients talk about their trip, it starts like this; “Remember when my son caught…I’ll never forget my buddy falling out of his seat… My wife catching her first steelhead…. My dad fighting a rock….” 
  2. When you’re there, you care- Spending time outside reminds us of how important it is to protect what we have. As a student, a fisherwoman, and an outdoor kid, I want to enjoy this life for a long time. After that, I want the next generation to enjoy it just as much. When you take people outside and they experience how great that time spent is, they become more curious and invested in what happens to our environment.

As a fishing guide, I provide those opportunities for people. My only regret is that I can take a limited amount of people.  There are only so many days in the year and so many hours of daylight, I want to reach more people and share these experiences. This is why I started a YouTube channel, so I can share my methods and strategies with you to get outside wherever you are. Knowing that time is short and life is best spent outside, I hope you will take every chance to get out there. If you need help with anything, let me know. 


See you out there-




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